Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s the most common questions we get asked, chat now if you still need answers!


  • What does your service do?

    We help tradespeople source, nurture and close local trade jobs using Google Ads.

  • How do I sign up?

    Simply select a subscription above, sign up for an account and complete our short online questionnaire. Leave us to do the rest, you’ll start receiving local work in no time.

  • How does it work?

    1. We advertise your company on Google; When local customers search Google for your services, we make sure you’re easily found. We create thousands of keywords and ads for each of the services you offer, so no matter what is searched, if it’s something you do, we have you covered. 
    2. Homeowners visit your landing page; After clicking your Google Ads, local homeowners are sent to your landing page, which is like a mini-website. Landing pages are built for one purpose, to persuade homeowners to reach out and get in touch with you. 
    3. Homeowners contact you; You’ll receive job leads from local homeowners needing a tradesperson. Depending on how the homeowner wants to get in touch, job leads are received as messages or calls. If you’re busy, we’ll send you a text to make sure you follow up. 4. Manage all leads in your Get Work account; All leads are available in your Get Work account. We help you nurture each lead through to completion and even allow you to track the value of each lead. This makes it easy to see how much you’ve spent with us and what you’ve made as a result.

  • Is this the same as other Google Ads services?

    Not even close my friend! There are thousands of companies that cold call UK tradespeople on a daily, hourly and minute-by-minute basis claiming to offer a similar service to Get Work. Many will offer a cheaper alternative, but it’s important to know the difference in what we offer. We created a Google Ads Buyers Guide for Tradespeople, which explains what to look out for and what you should know before choosing a company to run your Google Ads.

  • Do I need to do anything to get started?

    Once you’ve signed up, all we need is a copy of your logo and pictures of your work, leave the rest to us!

  • What happens after I sign up for a subscription?

    After signing up you’ll receive a welcome email confirming your subscription, we’ll then call you to confirm your details before creating your landing page and Google Ads campaign.

  • How many tradespeople do you work with in each area?

    We offer an exclusive service, meaning that we only work with one tradesperson, per trade, per area. For example, we would only work with one roofer in Preston, Lancashire but would also work with a plasterer or builder in that area. This is to make sure our customers don’t compete with one another for work. If someone in your trade and area is already working with us, you can add yourself to the waiting list or select an area close by when signing up.

  • What is the waiting list?

    If your area is unavailable, you can sign up to its waiting list and we’ll notify you if your area becomes available.

  • How long will I be on the waiting list for?

    Unfortunately the time it takes for an area to become available is somewhat of an unknown. We rarely see customers cancel our service, so it can take some time before an area becomes available. We can sometimes overwhelm tradespeople with work, and on occasion tradespeople relocate or move into the commercial sector, so it’s always worth signing up to the waiting list if you want to work in a specific area.

  • What is the difference between each subscription?

    We have 4 different subscriptions available. The main difference between subscriptions is the amount of ad spend available, which affects the amounts of leads you’ll receive. We have customers who are a one-man band and are more suited to a lower subscription and some who are bigger outfits in need of more work. We offer £250 off our Startup, Growth and Expansion subscriptions in the first month. We don’t charge a setup fee and there are no contracts, so if you’re not 100% happy after your first month you’re free to leave! For a comprehensive list of what’s included in each of our subscriptions, click “See All Features” above.

  • What happens if my monthly ad spend is not reached?

    The Get Work platform manages your ad spend every hour of the day, and as a result, we usually spend your entire budget each month. There are times where seasonality and local factors can cause a subscription to spend less, but any unspent budget will be added to your next month’s subscription, so you never lose out on service.

  • How long does it take to set up my subscription?

    As you can see from the detailed breakdown above, there’s quite a lot of work to get through before we can launch your subscription. After signing up, it can up to 4 days to build your landing page and another 3 to build out your Google Ads campaigns. So as a guide, you should be up and running within a week.

  • How can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

    You can upgrade your subscription directly within your Get Work account. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll gain access to our help centre, which shows you how to use the Get Work platform.

  • Are there any setup costs when I choose a subscription?

    Nope, there are no setup costs with our service, you only pay your subscription fee each month.

  • Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?

    “Get Work’s starting contracts run month to month, which means you can cancel at any point during the month and won’t be charged the month after. This is different for annual and quarterly contracts, where you will need to wait until you are out of contract to cancel. Our annual and quarterly contracts come with some great savings, so if you’re happy with our service, we suggest benefiting from the discounts available.

  • What happens if I move? Can I take my subscription with me?

    Assuming the area you’re moving to is available, we can move your subscription to another area. There is a small handling charge for this as we would need to rebuild your landing page and Google Ads campaigns.