Why is brand integrity important and how can it be achieved?

Achieving brand integrity is important. 

Why is brand integrity important, and how can it be achieved?

There's so much activity in the world, you don't have time to try to be everything to everyone. 

There is so much noise out there. Being everything to everyone simply does not work, you don't have time, and before you know it you'll have bags under your eyes the size of marshmallows. When you concentrate on the core areas of your business in which you excel, you can offer genuine value to your customers without having to carry the burden of unnecessary baggage. As brand developers, passing through the path of misery is a rite of passage in many ways. Making mistakes and yes a ton of mistakes before we finally achieved success. Today we help consumers achieve brand success in fractions of time and without nearly all the pain.  

Eager for a positive cash flow as quickly as possible, we diluted our marketing message several times. We were trying to find a product-market fit that pleased our buyers.

In retrospect, we should have stuck with the straightforward and straightforward approach rather than making deals with various buyers to satisfy the buyer of the moment.

All of the great (CPG) companies have introduced a couple of products. Maintaining your distinctive proposal is the essence of brand integrity. All of these firms made their brand recognition on a simple to understand offering that they dominated.

Some examples of brands with legitimacy include Coke, Budweiser, Kleenex, Tide, etc. As you think of these brands, you naturally identify with their prime selling proposition whether it be pop, beer, tissues or soap.

What is the one thing you want your brand to be known for? How will your customer find your brand in a sea of competitors?

Repetition is a crucial part of the answer. Brand image is communicated through brand image, brand promise, brand positioning, websites and social media.

Your brand image is everything your branded product looks like. This includes the logo, name, font, label, packaging, and even the packaging. It also includes signs and written messages. Your brand image should be clean and clear and visible from four feet away.

Once customers are familiar with your brand's offerings and are accustomed to expecting those products from you in a certain way, you do not own your brand promise; they own it!

We believe that the maker should set the manufacturer's brand promise. Too often, this mistake is made after an acquisition of a company that wishes to alter the manufacturer's brand promise. This often happens after the purchase, or shortly thereafter, when the business's behaviour contradicts the manufacturer's brand promise.

Brand positioning for CPG products is centred on cost and perceived quality. Each product category has a speed price point. This is the price at which most of the items in this category are sold the fastest.

If your branded product is above that velocity price point, you are sending a message that says, “This costs more, but it's worth it.” If you are below that velocity price point, the message is, “We are the budget choice, the most affordable!”

"Repositioning" will confuse your patients or lose them.

Your posts and ads on websites and through social media networks must be consistent, clear, and unwavering. Your customers and prospective clients must see a reliable message that never varies in content.

By using all the branding tools to deliver a consistent message, brand integrity is maintained. If you change up that message or confuse your customers, you risk losing them. You also lose your salespeople, your distributors, and your retailers. Keep it simple and keep it on brand.